plans & approvals
plans & approvals
Udrew is a one stop shop for all your small building planning and approvals.
Currently, it takes months to get a building plan drawn up, submitted and approved, even on smaller building projects such as fences and walls. The arduous process involves multiple parties and multiple steps, often with drawn out communication back and forth between resident and local council. With udrew you can plan and get an instant approval in minutes*.

Udrew offers the ability to allow anybody to create their own fully customisable, interactive, compliant, “smart” building and engineering plans - in real-time.

Udrew checks the project for compliance against the latest local and national building codes.

Udrew serves as a central location for all parties involved in the planning process to communicate about the project.

Udrew lets you store, print and submit finished building plans.

*Instant approvals are limited to councils who have signed up to udrew. For all other councils you can use udrew to plan and submit your work.

udrew has proudly received investment & support from Spacecubed and muru-D as part of the Plus Eight startup accelerator program.